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Our Technology

State-of-the-art optometry equipment allows us to give you the very best in eyecare.

Part of any comprehensive wellness eye examination is a thorough screening of the retina and optic nerve on the inside of the eye. Prior to more recent advances in technology, the only method available for viewing the structures of the inside of the eye was to dilate the pupils with drops and look into the eye with microscopes and very bright light. We now have the ability to capture the details of the retina in one panoramic image with the use of the Optomap. The test involves a couple of bright flashes of light to each eye and the product is a detailed picture of 200 degrees of the inside of the eye that the doctors will use to rule out early signs of eye disease, like glaucoma and macular degeneration, and problems associated with other systemic medical conditions that often affect the health of the eye.

Marble Surface
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