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We happily accept a wide variety of vision and medical plans

Comprehensive Wellness Eye Examination

New Patient: $110.00
Returning Patient (within 3 years of previous visit): $105.00

Optomap Retinal Photos: $30.00
Contact Lens Evaluations (additional to exam)

Level One: $25.00
Level Two: $55.00
Level Three: $80.00
Level Four: $100.00
Level Five: $125.00

Emergency Visits: $55.00 – $140.00
Medical Visits and Exams for Treatment of Eye Disease: $55 – $300.00

Foreign Body Removal from Eye: $60 – $130

We accept a wide variety of vision and medical insurance plans and we are constantly adding and modifying our accepted plans to include more patients. Listed below are several plans for which we are providers. If you do not see your insurance listed, please call our office to see if you will be covered. Please remember to keep us informed of changes to your insurance when you schedule an appointment in our office.