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Vision disorders have been found to be the most prevalent handicapping condition during childhood, though in one study, only 31% of children between age 6 and 16 were found to have had a comprehensive vision and eye examination within the last year and only 16% of children under the age of 6 had ever been comprehensively examined. The American Optometric Association recommends the first comprehensive examination to be at 6 months of age, followed by an exam at age 3, and then at least every 2 years through age 18.
(American Public Health Association. Improving early childhood eyecare. Policy Statement No. 20011. Washington, DC: APHA, 2001.)

Some of the vision problems commonly diagnosed in childhood involve blur at distance, blur when reading, eye turns, lazy eyes, and poor coordination of eye muscles. In certain cases, the treatment is as simple as observation or prescribing a pair of glasses, but in other cases, immediate intervention is needed to prevent permanent vision loss related to a condition called Amblyopia.

Additionally, evaluating a child’s ocular health is important to rule out degenerative congenital diseases and monitor for proper development.