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As the eye ages, there are normal and abnormal changes that should be watched for and often treated.

Dry Eye Syndrome is a disease that increases in prevalence with age as our tear production within the lacrimal gland decreases and is a frequent side effect of many common systemic medications.  Dry Eye Syndrome can cause problems like discomfort, vision fluctuation, or, in severe cases, corneal scarring and loss of vision.

Cataracts are a clouding of the crystalline lens on the inside of the eye.  Initially, the clouding may cause fluctuations in one’s glasses or contact lens prescription, and eventually cataracts will cause a decrease the quality or clarity of vision to a degree that is not correctable with a new glasses prescription.  An important part of a yearly examination is diagnosing cataracts when they present and monitoring them until they are ready for treatment.

Glaucoma is a disease that increases in frequency with age.  It involves the progressive death of optic nerve fibers, resulting in a loss of peripheral vision over time.  Glaucoma is diagnosed through the use of optic nerve evaluation, intraocular pressure measurement, and peripheral vision testing.